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Welcome to the Electrocardiogrm Vigilance with Electronic data Warehouse II(ECG-ViEW II), the database comprising numeric parameters (RR interval, PR interval, QRS duration, QT interval, QTc interval, P axis, QRS axis, and T axis) of Electrocardiogram for surveillance of proarrhythmic potential of marketed drugs.

The database contains more than ~0.7 million of QT/QTc measurements and associated clinical data, including diagnoses((~7.7 million ), drug prescriptions (~49 million) and selected laboratory-test results (~3.8 million), from ~461 thousands patients over the 19-years study period. The data is intended for researchers interested in surveillance on proarrhythmic potential of marketed drugs.

Parsing Process QTc distribution

<Overall process to extract ECG parameters from scanned ECG>    <The QTc distribution and size of study populations in ECG-ViEW>

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